Commercial High rise

Commercial High Rise

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Whenever you think of a commercial high rise, images or visions of a multistoried building or a skyscraper flood your mind. Business organizations and multinational corporations having offices in commercial high rises are required to install extremely heavy-duty and highly sophisticated HVAC equipment so that day-to-day official or business activities can be conducted unhindered. Ice Fox Rental Refrigeration Co has been at the forefront for many years in making available a myriad range of advanced and performance-oriented HVAC systems to commercial high rises. The various rental HVAC apparatuses we provide including but not limited to negative air-machines, electric heaters, desiccant dehumidifiers, and water-cooled chillers are adept in operating smoothly at very high altitudes. We at Ice Fox are aware that HVAC equipment for high rises has to be specially designed and fabricated so that the same can operate efficiently at great heights in the most demanding of situations. Therefore, we make it a point to source our equipment from OEMs having a long-standing goodwill in the HVAC industry.