refrigeration contractors

Refrigeration Contractors

Keeping products chilled or refrigerated is essential in several industrial or commercial sectors including F & B segment, departmental stores, and catering services to name a few. The aforementioned commercial segments have to stock, supply and use a range of refrigerated raw, semi-processed, and processed food or beverage items. The process of refrigeration helps in preserving the original quality and/or freshness of edible items for a long period of time. The refrigeration technique is especially useful for keeping the usability of perishable items intact for extensive periods. Ice Fox Rental Refrigeration that has been devotedly serving the HVAC rental market for many years maintains a good stock of refrigeration equipment. We’ve a ready inventory of semi-trucks, refrigerated containers, and mini-trailers that we rent out to our customers at competitive rates as well as convenient terms & conditions. We’ve technicians and customer service executives on our payroll who constantly keep in touch with refrigeration contractors.