Ice Fox Rental Refrigeration Co has gathered pervasive experience and expertise in supplying different types of dehumidifiers including desiccant dehumidifiers, industrial refrigerant dehumidifiers and portable LGR dehumidifiers. Our humidifiers are acquired on rent by construction/restoration project contractors, moisture removal contractors, waste disposal and recycling agencies, and numerous other firms as well as establishments. Dehumidifiers serve the purpose when it comes to removing moisture, draining excessive water out of flooded premises, wallboard or drywall aeration, air purification, and deodorizing. We make sure that we source our dehumidifying bits and pieces exclusively from reputed OEMs which imply that the same are performance oriented and incredibly durable. The dehumidification devices are capable of performing the functions for which these are rented without of course causing damaging installed factory machinery or other mechanical instruments. The dehumidifiers we stock are not only of various types or kinds but are also available in a comprehensive range of capacities. The availability of myriad dehumidification equipment both in terms of genre and capacity means a typical customer gets wide leeway in selecting equipment that’ll meet the specific air purification, moisture removal or water drying needs in his jobsite or workspace. Our dehumidification equipment is capable of working optimally both in conducive as well as adverse or hazardous environments. We’ve technicians and customer-care executives who can extend more than a helping hand when it comes to opting for a dehumidification device apposite for your worksite’s requirements. The technicians are a highly dexterous lot who can help out with setting up the equipment as well as conduct servicing and repairing when the need arises.

Industrial Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

HVAC rental equipment agencies in USA supplying an assortment of portable as well as self-contained commercial refrigerant dehumidifiers at moderate rates are limited and Ice Fox Rental Refrigeration Co is one of these. We at Ice Fox maintain a ready stock of industrial refrigerant dehumidifiers which are sufficiently competent of fulfilling medium as well as large-scale climate or moisture control/dehumidification project. Our industrial dehumidifiers come in perfectly handy when you need to bring down excessive RH and regulate moisture levels so as not to hamper routine office work or productivity levels. Without mincing any words, we’d like to emphasize that our industrial refrigerant dehumidifiers particularly excel in bringing down the excessively high RH levels during the extremes of summers (and sometimes winters) and remove any foul odors. Scaling down RH levels and getting rid of unwarranted moisture expedites the process of air purification ultimately leading to improved quality of indoor circulated air.

Negative-Air Machines

Our company has become a reliable supplier of top-notch HVAC equipment at a flexible rental charge in different parts of USA. We are always committed to providing the advanced indoor climate control solution of highest standards. Our negative air machines are capable of delivering impressive performance in tasks like cleaning and restoration of work premises. Such machines usually come in distinct specifications to the specific requirements of the clients in all conditions. Our engineers always emphasize on adopting the cutting-edge solution to easily adjust with the competitive market environment without compromising quality. These negative air machines will assist you in the removal of dust, corrosion, and rust without affecting the health of your workers. The sales staffs of our agency will help you in selecting the right product once assessing the area and perimeter of your factory chamber. For more information, just visit our official website anytime. machines.php

Air Scrubbers

The processing chambers of your factory are usually infested with airborne dust, chemical vapors, and unpleasant odors. Our air scrubbers will help you to completely sanitize the indoor environment of your factory, power plant, warehouse, and other work places to achieve the goal of overall healthcare. These machines are easy to operate and usually, arrive with distinct specifications to deliver a customize satisfaction of highest standards. Our air scrubbers can easily eliminate molds, bacteria, moisture, and dampness during the tasks of renovation and repairing. These devices can also regulate the temperature of indoor air during smelting, and other industrial activities. Depending on the size of your worksite, we help you in acquiring the appropriate equipment. Our sales staffs are always ready to provide you useful tips on installing the appropriate HVAC system in your work premises. It is our responsibility to supply these products on the right time.

Air Circulators

Our rental air circulators play a big role in improving the flow of indoor air in different corners of your factory, warehouse, pharmaceutical labs, and other job sites without affecting the productivity of employees. These equipment pieces ensure uniform spreading of the indoor air without causing any inconvenience to the staffs. Such machines are usually arrived in distinct shapes and specifications to meet the specific requirements of clients in all conditions. It is our responsibility to assist you in every stage of product selection to help you in obtaining a tailor-made satisfaction of highest standards. Our staffs will deliver these machines within the stipulated time and help you to install them in the appropriate corner of your warehouse and other establishments. You can talk to our sales staffs as they are always prepared to serve clients with utmost sincerity. These air circulators help to remove dampness and moisture during cleaning.