Ice arenas

Ice Arenas

Managers, owners, and supervisors of ice arenas, ice-skating rinks, and indoor stadiums are fully cognizant of the indispensability of continuously regulating as well as maintaining a prescribed internal environment. A climate-controlled setting where the indoor temperature remains consistent throughout an ice-hockey game or ice-skating or a ballet dancing competition is extremely essential. Look into hyvä kasino. Look at all slots casino. At the same time, the organizers of a specific event along with the administrators of the ice arenas have to make sure that the stipulated RH level doesn’t fluctuate and the indoor air quality is maintained. Ice Fox Rental Refrigeration Co has sweeping experience of providing negative air machines, air scrubbers, air circulators, dehumidifiers, and air handling units to the aforementioned premises that are instrumental in upholding the indoor environment. When it is too hot or cold outside, the permanent HVAC system in ice arenas comes under heavy stress to keep functioning efficiently. Ultimately, the installed system either breaks down resulting in spiking of RH levels and heat buildup causing the ice on the floor to melt. It is at this juncture when our HVAC equipment comes to the rescue.

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