Many more industries

Many More Industries

There are very few or limited agencies in the US that supply a myriad range of HVAC equipment to a wide range of industrial/commercial establishments of which Ice Fox Rent Refrigeration Co happens to be one. We at Ice Fox have been serving clients comprising of enterprises and organizations categorized under miscellaneous sectors, industrial or commercial. We’ve been providing air- conditioners, refrigerated containers, electric heaters, desiccant dehumidifiers, negative air machines, fans, and numerous other heating, ventilation, cooling, moisture removal/dehumidification, and air purification devices for many years now. Our HVAC equipment have been rented by industries and establishments including but not limited to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, oil refineries, hotels, cruise ships, construction firms, and movie studios. We always see to it that no matter whatever equipment we offer on rent or lease is of premium quality and is capable of performing in all kinds of worksites or jobsites. Apart from furnishing rental equipment, we also offer maintenance and repairing services.