warehousing facilities

Warehousing Facilities

Warehouses, storerooms, and cold storages serve as halfway houses or temporary depots for miscellaneous goods, edible as well as non-edible that are sooner or later transported to their ultimate destinations. In order to maintain the quality and/or the freshness of the stored goods or items, a range of HVAC equipment including air scrubbers, negative air machines, air-conditioners, and dehumidifiers are installed inside warehouses. Ice Fox Rental Refrigeration Co supplies the aforementioned HVAC bits and pieces on short-term rent as well as long-term lease to owners/supervisors of warehousing facilities from its headquarters in Austin and branches located throughout USA. We stand by our commitment to supply the best quality of equipment at affordable rates and on terms & conditions that our clients find convenient to fulfill. Additionally, we see to it that the air handlers, air circulators or dehumidifiers we stock are thoroughly tested before they’re delivered to ensure that the same function smoothly after they’re installed.